January 5, 2017


What we can do for you in U.S. and in Brazil?

United States

After more than 25 years doing business in the wholesale market, our client can rest assure that we will be delivering profitable marketing and sales strategies required to ensure in-depth understanding of the opportunities and threats developed in the American wholesale arena whether you are an American manufacturer/wholesaler or foreign manufacturer who wants to conquer America.

We also believe that clear product/market segmentation is vital if you want to compete, to conquer and stay in the market. That’s why our service is “tailor made”.

We have very well established strategic alliances with companies in Miami, Florida in case we cannot provide the expertise that you as a client needs from us. Definitely, you will not be disappointed! Our motto is wholesaling with passion.

BrazilExcelent customer service

  • Source and purchase from Brazilian reliable manufacturer.
  • Get the information that you need to succeed in Brazil.
  • Promote product, your service and your brand.
  • Develop an effective import and export strategy.
  • Evaluate Brazilian competitors or suppliers.
  • Identify and comply with Brazilian laws, customs rules and regulations.
  • Recommend reliable Customs Broker.
  • Zero in on just the right market.
  • Provide information on market conditions.
  • Provide information on best importer and exporter prospects.
  • Present market opportunities.
  • Assist the freight logistics (multimodal) to or from Brazil. Please, call for instructions.
  • Be part of American delegation or any team at major Brazilian trade show.
  • Be an agent for American companies in Brazil.